Photographing Your Wedding

Wedding Photography Style

Documentary Wedding Photography

Probably around 80% of the photos I will shoot on your wedding day will be in a documentary style. This has always been my style of capturing a wedding day, and I believe there will never be a better way to tell a story. 

So what is ‘documentary wedding photography’? Good question. To me, it is capturing the day as it happens. I love disappearing into the background to be there for the emotions, and those special little moments. It all adds to the wedding photography story.

documentary wedding photo taken in liverpool by Paul warring, for Wedding Photography Co
Documentary photography in Liverpool, capturing emotions, laughter, and the day as it happens

This way, when you look back at your images, you’ll remember what you were feeling on your big day.

And let’s not forget the moments that you don’t see. The Bride and Groom are obviously the most important people at your wedding – and will naturally be in lots of photos – but you can’t be everywhere at once. 

I’m there to capture the moment your aunt drinks a little too much and has a little dance on the table, I’m there when the best man splits his trousers. It all adds to your story. 

Wedding photograph of dad crying, by wedding photography co
Documentary wedding photography in lancashire. Every moment will make up your story.

Camera Shy? It’s totally natural to feel like this. So many of us have our insecurities, and it can be scary to think we’re going to be photographed all day. However, that’s where another key benefit of wedding photojournalism appears. 

For the most part of your day I won’t be asking you to pose, repeat things or look at the camera. My very goal is to capture moments while you’re totally unaware I’m doing so.

Bridal prep documentary photography by wedding photography co
Documentary Wedding Photography, Perfect for people who don't like posing for photos.

Contemporary Wedding Portraiture

I hate having my photograph taken! I don’t hide that, and I WILL run away from your guests when they point a phone at me. And so if you are also a person who’s worst nightmare is being stood in a stiff pose for 20 minutes and being asked to ‘smile, say cheese’ by a photographer, I hear you! 

For this reason, my portraiture style has developed into a fun experience. 

Even though the majority of the day will be captured in a documentary style we still need some striking portraits for your wall at home. I love to keep these sessions fun and fresh.

I won’t ever tell you to say cheese, but I may ask how he proposed and photograph your eyes lighting up as the memories flood back.I don’t put you in stiff poses, but I might get you to grab your new hubby and whisper your fave thing about him down his ear. Trust me, this is far more fun than standing and smiling!

Fun and informal, contemporary wedding photography

Another ‘contemporary’ technique and one of my favourites, is dynamic use of lighting. I love to take my couples out at night to get some beautiful and dreamy night-portraits. By this time, you’re nice and relaxed, and we can really get creative! 

Wedding photography using flash at night

Always Full Day Coverage

I believe your story starts way before the ceremony, and doesn’t end at the first dance. And so I’m at your wedding for the entire day and include bridal preparation and party coverage as standard. 
Usually, I will arrive around 2 hours before you leave for your wedding and I’m there for about an hour after the first dance. 


wedding photography at peckforton castle, bridal preparations
wedding photography at night, great hall at mains, lancashire wedding
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