Who are you, then?

Well… I’m Paul!

I live in the North West and love visiting new places, meeting new people, riding bikes and drinking coffee! I also love going to weddings, which is really handy because it’s my job!

I’ve not always been a wedding photographer… My adventures with a camera started when I wanted to take awesome photos of my friends on BMX bikes. This developed (see what I did there) into more than a hobby when i realised that people would pay me for taking photographs… Bonkers! I ended up being a fashion and commercial photographer, and even had a few stints at sea as a cruise ship snapper. I eventually settled into wedding photography, and wouldn’t change it for the world!

Simply put, I love to be happy, and I think this is a Journey involving who we choose to surround ourselves with, and the choices we make. I surround myself with amazing people, Family, friends and clients… And have chosen a job that I love to do every single day. 

So me, in a nutshell…

— I photographed my first ever wedding almost ten years ago, on board a P&O cruise ship. I was getting paid to travel, how cool is that!

— I’m a bit of an animal lover. The main pets in my life are a doggo called Poppy, and a cat called Ellie. 

— I have a partner called Lizzie… Without her, nobody would laugh at my really terrible jokes!

— Some days, I’m at least 85% coffee.

— I like bikes. Pretty much all bikes. Big bikes, small bikes, mountain bikes, race bikes. Bikes bikes bikes. 

— I’ll say it again… I LOVE MY JOB! Who wouldn’t want to be invited to a party every weekend?

— I turned 30 last year. Please don’t mention it 🙁

— For no reason at all, I like to eat a Subway breakfast before a wedding. Literally no reason for this…

— If I have a weekend off, I go to the pub, drink red wine and watch people play guitars. The music makes me happy and relaxed, the wine helps.

— In the future, I’ve promised myself that I’ll travel more, and carry on doing what I love every day!

My clients book me for my personal and casual approach to my work. I photograph couples who I eventually consider to be new friends. I’m the perfect photographer for anybody who doesn’t want to be standing around awkwardly for hours. We will always get our shots, that’s massively important… but I want us to all have a ball in the process!

Who else makes it happen?

I’d love to tell you that it’s just me. That I’m a one-man-army of photo-wizardry. But the truth is that there are people around me who work just as hard as I do in order to bring you the best Wedding Photography service available. 


Kieran – Second Photographer

Kieran himself is an experienced wedding photographer with his own wedding couples to look after throughout the year. This alone makes him a great asset to any wedding day. 

He shoot’s in a very similar style to myself, although would be concentrating his lens on the images that I can’t get throughout the day. Unfortunately I can’t always be in two places at the same time. 

This is where a second photographer can really prove to be priceless.

Les – Photo Booth Guy

Also known as… Dad. My Dad comes along to help with the photo booth, so that I can concentrate on capturing the party.

With your photo booth booking, there will always be an extra person on hand. To show people where to stand, to help with any technical difficulties, and to laugh at your drunken prop choices!


All of the Wedding Photography Co albums are hand-made in the UK by C41s Photo Labs. I have a very personal relationship with the small team who really look after me! 

There are plenty of places to get photos printed, and I often send my clients to the likes of Photobox or Cewe. However C41s cater only to professional photographers, and being so local to me, its great to be able to pop in to see them in person. the quality is also splendid!

Equipment & Gear

The best wedding photography isn’t about gear, but having great gear does help!

The equipment used by myself and other wedding photographers will probably be different to that used by your Uncle Bob (even if he does take some great landscape photos and he once took a great shot of a tiger in the zoo). 

I use mirrorless cameras from Panasonic, with Olympus pro-series lenses and lighting from Godox. The smaller size of this system is perfect for my style of shooting, whilst still maintaining amazing quality. 

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